Building Better Relationships Through Effective Communication

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A Phoenix, Arizona Public Relations Consultant

What you get. 

A thorough professional assessment of your most complex communication problems, a plan of action for solving them and the help you need to make it happen. 

What I do.

Building Better Relationships
Through Effective Communication

I help organizations to identify communication issues that affect their operations and reputations. I then assist in addressing those issues through effective communication. This includes research, planning, implementation and evaluation of professional communication programs.

The process starts and ends with listening, not speaking.

I work with senior executives to assess the condition of their organizations' relationships with critical internal and external audiences, by listening to those audiences with appropriate research techniques.

I use this information to plan what's needed to meet each group's expectations for the organization's performance as an employer, supplier, citizen and neighbor. I build unique communication programs to let each of these audiences know how the organization is performing in the public interest and to meet their expectations. Then I listen again to see how effectively the communication worked and how we can further shape the policies, actions and communication of the organization.

This is called effective communication. Effective communication builds better relationships.

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